I'm going to leave this stock photo of plants because well I love plants and it fits with the title of this blog post which is GROW.

It's been almost 3 years now since I graduated from grad school and I've learned a lot. One could even say I've grown a lot! But really it's been a huge roller coaster ride and self doubt still plagues me every week. I'm learning how to successfully accomplish new tasks and tackle construction administration stuff to the best of my ability but I'm so frazzled at times that I don't remember.. In those cases I can say that I'm growing. My experience is growing because even though I may not remember how exactly to do something I know that I've gone through it before and I can do it again but this time more efficiently.

As a designer and as an ever lasting student, I'm growing and I can't be happier. This post is more of a rant to just remind you that it's going to be a struggle one years out of school and even 5 years out.

Good luck!